Beyond the Boathouse: Stephanie Peller

Women’s Rowing | 12/9/2021 2:35:00 PM

MINNEAPOLIS – “Learn. Grow. Row.” serves as a team mantra for the Gopher Rowing program on and off the water, and while the Maroon & Gold are dedicated to representing the University of Minnesota as student-athletes, many are also working toward long-term goals for when their athletic endeavors come to an end. takes a look at what the Gophers are doing out of the boat in a new series called “Beyond the Boathouse”.

Name: Stephanie Peller

Class: 5th Year

Hometown: Dassel, Minn.

Major: Supply Chain Management, Agriculture and Food Business Management, Nutrition

Internship/Position: Production Management Intern at Hormel

Future Position: Inventory Analyst at Target

How did you find your internship and what drew you to the position?

I found the Production Management position on Handshake and was really excited by it because I could apply what I have learned from all three of my majors and gain leadership experience managing people.

What was your favorite part or best part of your position?

My favorite part about my internship is that I was making a direct impact on the company’s profits. I was working at their flagship plant on their most profitable product, Spam. With my project I was able to save Hormel $620,000 annually and increase production throughput by 4.3 million cans of Spam annually. Throughout the summer I got the opportunity to meet and chat with the CEO and CFO. I also got to witness Hormel’s acquisition of Planters, which is their largest acquisition to date.

Did your career goals play a role in choosing the University of Minnesota for college? If so, what made it the right choice for you?

I chose the University of Minnesota because I knew that they had an excellent business school, the Carlson School of Management, and I knew I wanted to study business.

What skills have you learned as a student-athlete that help you in the professional and academic world? How has your internship prepared you for your career plans after college?

I have been able to hone my time management skills through being a triple major, a student-athlete, and gaining professional experience, which is something that will translate to any career. I have also had the chance to gain leadership skills and become more results oriented which will help me in my future career as an Inventory Analyst with Target.

Stephanie Peller Beyond the Boathouse