How can ADSS help traders?

Brokers play an important role in facilitating access to financial markets, providing market information and research, managing risks, executing trades, and more. As such, it is essential traders spend time researching the right broker for them. Doing so is key to successful trading and investment activities. In this review, we take a look at why brokers are important, how ADSS can help traders and the features that it has. 

Licenses ADSS has

ADSS is proud to be the only brokerage headquartered in the GCC region. As such, they currently operate in the Middle East, the UK, and other regions and financial markets around the world. They are regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) in the UAE, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK), as well as the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong. As ADSS aims to be a responsible broker, they are committed to offering traders a transparent, fair and competitive trading environment. With ADSS being regulated in all regions that they operate in; traders can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their funds are safe and secure. 

What ADSS offers

ADSS allows traders to enjoy its award-winning technology, tailored customer support, and a bespoke trading platform, alongside thousands of financial instruments they can take advantage of. 

Account types

As of the time of writing, ADSS offers three different types of live trading accounts. Here, we explain and break down their differences below: 


The Classic account tier has an initial minimum deposit of $100, and a maximum leverage of 500:1. The account tier offers traders highly competitive market spreads, as well as 24/5 customer support, in case any issues crop up. There are also training courses that traders of all levels can take advantage of. 


The second live account type is the Elite tier. It offers everything already in the Classic tier, with a few additional features. For starters, the initial minimum deposit is $100,000 instead, and it provides traders with 25% lower spreads, alongside multi-base currency. The Elite account type also allows traders to gain a dedicated senior account manager, so they can have more assistance when it comes to monitoring the market and placing trades. 


This is the third and highest level of ADSS account types. The Elite+ provides everything the Classic and Elite account types offer. For starters, the initial minimum deposit is $250,000, and it provides traders with ultra-low spreads, alongside multi-base currency. In addition to a dedicated senior account manager, traders also get a sales trader on their team, so they can have even more help to ensure they make the best possible trades.

Demo account

ADSS also has a demo account that traders can use. It is entirely free for those who have already registered with ADSS. The account is hosted on MetaTrader 4 (MT4), and traders will receive $50,000 of simulated funds, which will allow them to access live markets on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Traders will also be able to place simulated trades on a wide variety of markets and instruments. As a demo account only allows for paper trading, traders will not be able to profit monetarily, but they will also not incur any losses either. This is considered a great way to practice trading skills and improve any strategies. 

Instruments available

When it comes to trading with ADSS, the brokerage firm provides thousands of instruments at its fingertips for traders to take advantage of. ADSS’ CFD offerings give traders access to various global markets. In addition, traders can get daily market updates directly to their inboxes. This allows them to keep an eye on market movements before placing their trades – all on a powerfully intuitive trading platform. 


Traders have the option of trading indices CFDs instead of simply individual stocks on ADSS’ industry-leading platform. Whether traders have decided to go short or long on US indices such as the NASDAQ, S&P 500, or European heavyweights such as the DAX and FTSE, traders are sure to benefit from highly competitive spreads, deep liquidity, and one of the most competitive rates of leverage on the market – up to 333:1. This means traders can easily respond to global events, capitalise on volatile markets, and gain exposure to an entire economy or sector, all in a single place. 


Traders can also trade forex pairs with ADSS’ easy-to-use trading platform. When clients trade online through the broker, there are no hidden fees, so they always know what to expect. Traders can gain access to CFD forex pairs in the largest and most liquid market in the world. ADSS’ trading platform is incredibly easy and intuitive to use, meaning traders only need to focus on placing their trades. Currency pairs are divided into major, minor and exotics, with Elite+ spreads ranging from 0.7 to 5.9. The maximum leverage that traders can use is currently at 500:1. ADSS was even voted Best FC Platform 2021 in the Middle East at the Global Forex Awards.


For those simply looking to invest in stocks, it can also be done in ADSS. Traders can take a view of companies listed on various stock exchanges around the world, as well as major players in the GCC region. Some of the sectors that traders can trade in include technology, finance, communication, and healthcare, to name a few, with major players such as Amazon, Meta, Boeing, Tesla, and Nike being offered. Tick sizes range from 0.01 to 1 point, and the maximum leverage traders can use is 20:1. 


Traders can take advantage of market volatility and pick CFDs on spot commodities, futures, and commodity-linked ETFs. Even better, there are no commissions on any trades. Commodities that are available for traders include precious metals (gold and silver), energy (natural gas and crude oil), as well as agricultural products (coffee). Commodities are traded per whole tick movement, which offers a simpler way to trade compared to commodity futures. Tick sizes are at 1 point, and the tick value is 1 USD. The maximum leverage traders can use is 200:1. 


For those looking to trade something new in the markets, ADSS has that covered. Traders have the option of using CFDs to trade some of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Through ADSS, traders can access competitive spreads, a dedicated account manager, and other educational and research tools. They can also go long or short, allowing traders to take a view of the price of crypto as it rises or falls. The tick size is 1 point, and the tick value is 1 USD. The maximum leverage traders can use when trading cryptocurrencies is 4:1. 

Fees and charges

Traders will be happy to know that they will not be charged a commission on the ADSS and MT4 platforms when they are trading. There are also no hidden fees they need to be aware of. Aside from the minimum deposit requirements for each account, traders do not have any other non-disclosed fees they must keep to. 

Educational resources

As a brokerage firm, ADSS provides not only strong trading technologybut also in-depth educational resources. This is because the broker believes in nurturing traders of all levels to help them achieve excellence. On ADSS’ official website, there is a bilingual glossary that showcases all the common and key terms that traders may encounter when trading. They also provide plenty of insights and articles for traders, including new breakdowns, market analysis, and video tutorials on how to use the trading platforms. Most of the content is in two languages – namely, English and Arabic.

Bottom line

On the whole, ADSS aims to provide traders with a highly comprehensive trading environment that includes advanced technology, educational resources, competitive pricing, and reliable support. By leveraging these services and features, traders be sure to enhance their trading experience, make informed decisions, and pursue their trading goals effectively.