How to Get Your Instagram Photo/Video to The Top of The Feed

Have done everything but couldn’t get your Instagram post on top of the feed? Maybe you don’t know the right way to post photos and videos. People often upload as many posts as they can in order to get their Instagram photos/videos to the top of the feed but you know what? This doesn’t work anymore.

Instagram has now changed its algorithm and posting a lot is not going to get your Instagram photo/video to the top of the feed. Instagram now prefers quality over quantity. If you want your Instagram posts on the top of the feed then you first need to understand Instagram’s new algorithm.

Below is mentioned how Instagram works, understanding which you may get your Instagram posts to the top of the Feed. Check it out.

  1. Number of Engagement

When your content pushes your posts up in the news feeds, you focus on polishing your content. But that’s not enough. Post engagement plays a big role in displaying your Instagram post to the top of the Instagram feed.

When you post a photo or video, Instagram first shows it to a small percentage of your followers. If your post gets a good engagement counts at a small amount of time from the followers then Instagram starts displaying your post to more and more users.

This concludes that the more engagement your photo has, the higher is the chance of your post to appear on the top of the feeds. And on the contrary, if your post receives little to no engagement, it will end up at the bottom of the feed.

  2. Interactions With Fans

Instagram emphasizes engagement because it depicts your relationship with your followers. Instagram shows users posts according to who they often interact with. The more your followers engage with your posts, the more your posts are displayed on the feed.

The frequency of engagement tells Instagram that you are the favorite of a follower and so he/she sees your post on the top of his/her feed whenever you upload. Thus, you should be focusing on developing your relationships with your followers if you really want your post on the top of the feed.

  3. Posting Time

Just because your post has more engagements and user interactions, Instagram is not going to display your weeks-old post at the top of your followers’ feed. You have to focus on the posting time of your photos and videos.

As an Instagram user, you should know when your followers are most likely to be online. You should always be uploading your post on Instagram when most of your followers are active.

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